October 4, 2008

Seems Harper’s strategy of seating through the leaders debates trying to look prime ministerial,didn’t do much for his fortunes.

Rather then solidifying Conservatives support and possibly pushing it closer to majority territory,their overall support has declined.

In fact Harper,by waiting until after the debate to release the Conservatives platform,made sure he would not have to answer questions of any real substance.

If the leaders debate doesn’t do it for the Conservatives what can,or will ? Me thinks not much,is the writing on the wall ?

Pollster Jean-Marc Léger writes…..

there are three “magic moments” in an election campaign when the voters are up for grabs: the first 48 hours after the election is called, the 48 hours following the televised leaders’ debates and the last 48 hours before the vote.

So while Conservative support slides, NDP support continues to rise much as has been the case since day one.

Indeed the NDP continues to go from strength to strength.

Dare to dream….

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First of May

September 11, 2008

Best opening line I have read in a while…

It now appears the 2nd of October could actually be the first of May.

Sure it can be read as a humble pie moment.But overall Jack handled this,shit storm from outa-nowhere,rather well…

Layton suddenly withdrew his objection, calling the controversy a “distraction” and that he’s tried of “debating about the debate.”

After all the real issue is Harper participation not May’s…

“As long as Stephen Harper takes part, I don’t care who else is on the stage,”

Further more after watching this video,Kinsella debates May on the carbon tax,what’s the worry(if ever there was a worry) May just doesn’t get it .She sounds like a scolding school teacher telling the kids how they might not like something but they have to stop being selfish for “the good” of all.

All said though one fact remains undeniable,”if any publicity is good publicity”,then the Greens came out ahead.

But that said what ever advantage the Greens did enjoyed is now,or soon will be forgotten.It’s only day two into a 35 day election campaign,plenty of time remains,to steer things back to the real issues.

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Who says Elizabeth May is not a Liberal Cheerleader

September 9, 2008

“We’d like to be participants in a coalition government,” she said. It would be great if the next federal election led to a minority Liberal government, May said
-The Daily Gleaner (Fredericton), 12 February 2008

“It’s a no-brainer. We can make the most progress with Stéphane Dion as prime minister in a minority government. I think Dion’s record is a lot better than the other parties want to say it is. I’ll defend it.”
- Elizabeth May, Globe and Mail, 21 January 21, 2008

“We recognize that a government in which Stéphane Dion served as Prime Minister could work well with a Green Caucus of MPs, led by Elizabeth May, committed to action on climate.”
- Joint Statement with Dion, GPC Release, May 13, 2007

“Well, what I’m trying to do is send a clear signal to Canadians. When I heard Rex Murphy say on the national news that the Harper budget was so green that I could now join his party, I thought it was pretty important to make sure people knew that while the Green Party policies are the very best, a government of Stéphane Dion as Prime Minister with us in the House of Commons, with many Greens in the House of Commons, we could deliver very good government to Canadians.”
-Elizabeth May, Adler On-Line, CJOB, 13 April 2007

Dipper Chick interjects a few facts,and a bit of humor to put everything into perspective.

This is from the Green Party website. They used terribly unflattering pictures of everyone except May and Dion. Coincidence? Highly doubtful. I’m surprised that they restrained themselves from photoshoping a green halo onto Dion.-(emphasis mine)

And believe me you,this “issue” needs a bit more of something other than this,it’s all Jack Layton’s fault nonsense.

I like you James Bow and appreciate your blog as I do,Stage Left,Jimmy Bob,and Sask boy but ya all lost me on this one.A bit over the top don’t ya think ?

Yours Sincerely Dirk Buchholz

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Damn those men

September 8, 2008

How dare they block the only woman leader of a federal party from participating in the upcoming leaders debate…

“This is anti-democratic, closed-door, backroom decision making by four national party leaders who are all men and five television executives – who are all men – to keep out the one woman leader of a federal party,”

Sure Mrs May,its all about you being a woman.

It has nothing to do with the fact that your Party has have yet to elect a single MP.

And as Calgary Grit points out

They have yet to crack 5% of the vote in an election (a significant threshold in a lot of MMP countries)

Nor your very public expressions of support for the Liberals.

Least we forget  that back room deal that you and the Liberals made in regards to Central Nova…

The extraordinary back-scratching between two supposedly rival leaders is unheard of in Canadian politics and could generate a backlash within both parties.

Yep how dare people misunderstand,never mind advance the “absurd” notion that perhaps the Liberals and Greens are working together.

After all its not like you haven’t made statements(and still are) that seems to imply a kind of convergence between Greens and Liberals…

“I cannot help myself!!! GOOD LUCK BRENT!!!,” writes Ms. May in response to a Liberal press release announcing Mr. Fullard’s candidacy. “You and Doug together can expose the massive incompetence of Mr. [Jim] Flaherty.”

Much to the chagrin of your own Party members…

Doug Anderson, the Green candidate in Oshawa-Whitby, sounded somewhat unsettled by Ms. May’s strong encouragement for the Liberal candidate he’s running against.

“Shall we say it was a surprise?” He said by phone, declining to comment in detail. “Politics is a strange business.”

Yes sirree,strange indeed…

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