Harper’s “Principled” Foreign Policy

June 7, 2010

Paul Wells on Canadian Harper  Israeli relations…

The Economist chronicled some of the changes in an article last week, calling the two countries “unlikely allies.” It quoted Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s hardline foreign minister: “It is hard to find a country friendlier to Israel than Canada these days . . . No other country in the world has demonstrated such a full understanding of us.”…

Kind’a like dumb and dumber…

The Economist’s piece lists the elements of the Harper-Israel rapprochement, including his description of Israel’s behaviour during its 2006 war against Hezbollah targets in Lebanon as “measured,” and his government’s decision to halt core funding of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, a move the U.S. has not matched.

Further more…

The magazine even mentioned Harper has cut funding to Kairos, the ecumenical Christian charity, “alleging that the group was anti-Semitic.” This led Alykhan Velshi, the communications director for Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, to exalt on Twitter: “The PM’s principled foreign policy getting noticed!”

Which is odd…

because the last time somebody—the Toronto Star—asserted it was allegations of anti-Semitism that got Kairos its funding cut, his boss Kenney wrote to the Star to insist nothing could be further from the truth. “I did not accuse Kairos of being anti-Semitic,”

Which is even odder…

because 12 days before he told the Star he didn’t call Kairos anti-Semitic, Kenney was in Jerusalem calling Kairos anti-Semitic. “We have implemented a zero tolerance approach to anti-Semitism,” he said. “What does this mean? We have defunded organizations, most recently like Kairos, who are taking a leadership role in the boycott.”

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PM Harper,Threat to Canadian Democracy….

December 31, 2009

No not really, despite the  Coy-ne talk about Canadian democracy spiraling down the drain , and the King and Queen analogies.

Yes it might be maddening to the opposition(the elected opposition, together whom constitute the majority of seats) & to many ordinary Canadians,remember them the voters ? Many of whom also want answers,and rightfully so, on some rather important & troubling issues.

But when it’s all said and done, serving up a ‘pirogi’  or two, violates none of the rules or protocols of Parliament. In fact it’s just  politics as usual…

Indeed we have all been here before…

When the going gets tough, and or some hard & uncomfortable question  need answering, the ‘tough’ get proroguing.  Next thing ya know, its a different day month & folk’s are talking about different shit.

All said, it is fun watching Liberals get all bent out of shape, on this occasion of  Harper’s  proroguing of Parliament,only his second…

Particularly when these same forgetaboutit Liberals had nothing to say when King PM Chretien served up four, during his ‘reign’ as King PM.

1. February 5, 1996  2. September 18, 1999  3. September 16, 2002   4. November 12, 2003.

That’s how you  do proroguing, the Liberal way,Liberally…

Peas of a pod,them Conservatives & Liberals.

Apathy anyone,perhaps a nap…

The Mean-Spirited & Paternalistic Ideology of the Conservatives Government on display for all to see

February 10, 2009

The Conservative Government’s decision to not include any  real help for and or to seriously address  the difficulties being faced by Canadian workers,in their latest budget …

Is indicative of the underlying values that inform and drive Conservative ideology in general. In particular,that which informs & underpins the thinking of  Harper,Stockwell Day et al,those who represent the Reform/Canadian Alliance wing  of the Conservative Party.

Witnessed the statement by Federal Human Resources Minister Diane Finley on why the government did not increase Employment Insurance (E.I) benefits,waive the 2 week waiting period,and or increase the length of time workers can collect. She states (Jan 30)…

“We do not want to make it lucrative for them to stay home and get paid for it,”

Although the government did increase the time that workers can collect E.I from 45 weeks to 50 weeks.This was only done,begrudgingly and  then only after the opposition party’s  threatened to bring down the government if they did not amend  the budget .

And despite the fact that the E.I fund…

which amounts to over $54 billion, has been built up entirely by payments from workers and employers

The idea that Mrs Finley could say such a thing illustrates  a total lack of respect for ordinary working people and their contributions.

Coming from someone who supposedly represents Canadian citizens/workers ,indeed who’s salary is dependent on taxpayers/working Canadians,her paternalistic comments are outrages.Particularly when these same political “leaders” have no qualms about raiding the public trough, when ever they feel their pay and or iron clad,gold plated pensions are “insufficient”.

From the Tyee…

In essence, she is saying that Canadian workers, in their hearts, are lazy and would prefer sitting at home to working.

If that is the case, how do she and her government explain that Canadian workers are considered to be among the most productive in the world? They work in demanding, difficult and often dangerous occupations. Whether it be bush work in -40 degree weather; in hot restaurant kitchens; in sawmills and pulp mills; in mines, steel mills and assembly plants; in fishing and farming; on oil & gas and construction projects; in hospitals and schools; in minimum wage service sector jobs, it is their labour that is the foundation of all wealth creation in this country.

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Mother of all Welfare Check’s,trumps principals

January 12, 2009


Apparently the 18 senators appointed by Harper will in  all likelihood be serving till death or age 75,which ever happens to comes first.

Despite the fact that every last one of em…

pledging to support future eight-year term limits and Senate reforms.

Like as if there was any doubt,did anyone really expect principle’s from any of these patronage appointee’s ? After all,if they had any principles or indeed even supported Senate reform,none of them would have accepted the job patronage,in the first place.

Talk is cheap,in Ottawa it’s even cheaper.

One can imagine just how many times Canadians will be told over the coming years(40 years plus in some cases),well we do understand senate reform is needed,but ahhh (pause ,scratch)  it’s better to try and change things from the inside,from the inside one can,blah blah…

Yeah okay Mr & Mrs Senator you keep telling yourselves that.

Yet again taxpayers are left holding the bag, paying 105 senators millions upon millions in what amounts to ,the mother of all welfare check’s.

105 senators, wtf ?

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Deck the halls with patronage apointments

December 22, 2008


Tis the season to be rewarded


Don we now our gay hypocrisy


As we troll the  public trough


See the future considerations  before us (alternative -see the pile of loot before us)


Strike our pride and join the looting


Follow me in a merry looting


While I tell of public trough lootings


Fast away the misgivings  pass


Hail the,forever big fat pay cheques,all ye undeserving


Sing we “thankful” all together


18 new piglets a swill’in


Appointees will receive a $130,400 annual salary indexed to inflation until they retire or reach age 75, followed by a very comfortable pension — and both are indexed to inflation.

These boot’s are gonna walk all over you

December 17, 2008

So threatens PM Harper…

Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued this threat to supporters of the Canadian Wheat Board’s export monopoly.

“We’ll continue to fight in Parliament… But the bottom line is this. Mark my words. Western Canadian farmers want this freedom (an open market) and they are going to get it. And anybody who stands in their way is going to get walked over.”

Just one thing wrong PM Harper,as you well know the farmers in who’s name you supposedly speak,support the CWB in fact’…

Last Tuesday, the results of the CWB’s second biennial director elections were announced. Four of the five victorious candidates — and eight of the 10 farmer-elected directors — back the state trading enterprise’s single desk.

I believe they call that  democracy. Perhaps it’s time you get over your obsession with the CWB ,and respect the democratic wishes of our hard working  farmers.

Harper has had the CWB in his crosshairs since he was president of the far-right National Citizens’ Coalition. As prime minister, he has fired its CEO, Adrian Measner, imposed a “gag order” on the board and its members from defending the single desk, twice arbitrarily stripped farmers’ names from the CWB directors’ voting lists, violated the prohibitions against third-party advertising during director elections and tried to violate the federal Privacy Act by allowing his minister to pressure the board to hand over farmers’ confidential financial information.

Three times in 11 months, a federal court has found that the government has broken Canadian laws in its ongoing anti-democratic and demagogic attacks on the CWB.

Indeed how about behaving more like a PM should…i.e  lead,rather than seeking to divide and conquer.

Read more on Harper’s ideologically motivated  attack on the CWB here

And just in case you still do not get it

Between a rock and a hard place;Harper,patronage,and the Senate

December 12, 2008

Need more be said on  Harper’s “decision” to fill the 18 vacant Senate seats.

The same Senate that Harper was rightly critical and wanted nothing to do with ,up until now that is,least he be seen as legitimizing the Senate.

…indeed it’s fairly difficult for anyone to justify the existence of the un-elected Senate.Particularly when this House of Patronage presumes to second guess the elected.

Anyway Big City Lib on Harper’s “decision” to do just that(emphasis mine)…

Lets be clear: Harper has the perfect right to stuff the Senate with cronies. Its the Canadian way. One might even argue that the integrity of the institution demands these appointments be made.
However, they are most accurately viewed as signalling the inevitable process by which a political party or movement sheds its Idealism in the face of hard reality. Where once the CPoC could argue that there was a clear moral distinction between them and the Liberals, now they can merely argue that there is a barely perceptible moral distinction between them and the Liberals. In three months, they will be arguing that their latest scandal isn’t as bad as Adscam was. In six months…well, everybody count the spoons on Parliament Hill. [@]

Harper serves up a prorogue

November 30, 2008

And it’s not the kind served with sour cream.

Seems Harper might try to buy himself some more time,like till next year. I believe its called,proroguing parliament.

tr.v. pro·rogued, pro·rogu·ing, pro·rogues

1. To discontinue a session of (a parliament, for example).
2. To postpone; defer.
Damn them stupid obscure rules,and here  I was looking forward to Monday (Dec 8),unlike most.

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